The Story Behind The Bedouin Way

This is a note from Sofian Noor, who founded The Bedouin Way earlier this year.


"I want to tell you why I make my business The Bedouin Way. The website was used by my cousin Nasser in Nuweiba from 2004 until he died too young. His pictures are on the right. Earlier this year I decided to build it again in his memory.

Nasser inspired me so much when I was a boy and he taught me everything I know about the desert, looking after camels, guiding, cooking and driving. The web address was available so I bought it. This was a good way to thank Nasser for everything he did for me and to wish him well in heaven.


My biggest dream for the Bedouin Way is to give work for the Bedouin I know and trust across South Sinai and promote our culture to people all over the world. Thank you to everyone for your support.