One Day Trip to Wishwashy, Nuweiba, Ras Shaitan

Wishwashy Nuweiba Trip
Walking to Wishwashy Nuweiba Trip

Wishwashy is a beautiful place to swim. It's in the mountains in Wadi El Malaha and always has rain water. Please remember to leave no trace - take your rubbish when you leave this beautiful place.

8am: We drive from Dahab to Nuweiba for one hour, then 15 minutes more into the desert, then we walk and climb for 30 minutes to get to Wishwashy

10am: When we get there you you will be able to swim in the rainwater, and we'll stay for 2 hours.

Noon: We'll go back to the Ras Shaitain area by the beach to have lunch.

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